Switch Yard

We have designed and executed Mega Residential Complex, Commercial Complex, IT Park, Industrial Complex, Hotel, Multiplex Complex, Outdoor Yard Lighting, Toll Plaza, and high raised Buildings of Electrical Installation works such as Erection of Sub-stations up to 11KV, 22KV, 33KV, 66KV, 110KV, 220KV Indoor and Outdoor Operations, M.V panels, Laying of all types of cables including terminations-Heat shrink/Push on and Soldering Type etc., Erection and Commissioning of D.G Sets of various capacities and Internal & External Electrification Works for Reputed Organizations.

We have qualified and experienced Engineers and Site Supervisors for Supervision and skilled and semi-skilled workers to carry out the various works to complete the projects in time as per the rules and regulations of Electrical Inspectorate.


Service Description:

Switchyards and substations are an important component in the electrical generation, transmission and distribution system. They provide the ties, transformation, switching and protection of transmission and distribution systems. A switching substation, or switchyard, is a substation without transformers that operates only at a single voltage level. Switchyards, used mainly for connections and interconnections, are essential for transmission, distribution, collection, and controlling the flow of electricity. The switchyard delivers power generated at the power plant to the electrical grid. Switchyards are generally classified by voltage level,circuit breaker and bus arrangements. Switchyards are often located directly adjacent to or near a power station